Credit-Collection System


Please find below our Teleclasses (webcasts) that you may find useful for your business:

Three Steps to Speed Up Cash Flow

Trouble managing your cash flows? Join this teleclass to learn more about how to effectively manage your funds.

How to set and maintain credit lines

Setting credit lines is more of an art than a science. Wilson will tell you just what to do. He will give you formulas as an example of just how much credit you should extend to each company. He will teach you how to set credit limits based upon your clients credit worthiness not based on your clients need for staffing.

The 7 Deadly Mistakes that Staffing and Recruiting firms make

Learn from Wilson the 7 Deadly Mistakes that Staffing and Recruiting firms make.

TOP 9 WEBSITES Wilson Cole found to be great resources for credit collection for staffing and recruiting firms

On this webcast, Wilson discusses the many resources which you can find from his list of Top 9 Credit Collection and Staffing and Recruiting websites.

How To Become Secured/Unsecured Creditors

In this free webinar, you will learn how to become a secured/unsecured creditor. Also, Wilson will discuss how to use personal guarantee. So, click on the link below to get started and learn from the expert.