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State Collection Law Summary Compiled by CLLA Staff



Interest Rate(1996)
Legal: 1% above short rate pursuant to Ohio
Revised code 134303 (for 2005 rate is 5%)

Statute of Limitations
Open Account: 6
Sales Contract (UCC2-725)
Written Contract: 15


Interest Rate
Legal: 6% unless specified in contract
Judgment: 5.63% for 2003 (4% over U.S.
Treasury Bill Rate of previous year)

Statute of Limitations
Sale of Goods Governed by UCC: 5
Open Acct: 3
Written Contract: 5
Domestic Judgment: 5
Foreign Judgment: 3


Interest Rate
Statutory + Judgment: 9% simple
interest per annum (unless specified
by contract)

Statute of Limitations
Open Acct: 6
Sales of Goods: 6 (4 years UCC transaction)
Written Contract: 6
Domestic Judgment: 10(renewable at 10)
Foreign Judgment: 10


Interest Rate
Legal: 6%
Judgment: 6%

Statute of Limitations
Open Acct: 4
Written Contract: 4
Domestic Judgment 5 (writ of revival within 5 years)
Foreign Judgment: 4


Interest Rate
Legal: 6%, charges every 6 months
Judgment regulated by the
Commissioner of the Board of
Financial Institutions every 6 months

Statute of Limitations
Open Acct: 3
Merchandise Open Acct: 3
Written Contract: 15
Mortgage: 20
Domestic Judgment: 15
Foreign Judgment: 15